Rolloff & Dumpster Services

Our dumpster accounts range from a farmers clean up to a business dumpsters for scrap to residential and contractors for shingles and demolition needs.

We have provided excellent service since 2008 and we guarantee prompt and professional services for your job! No account too big or too small, we can do it all!!

Opatz Metals started in 2008 with 1 Rolloff truck and 5 dumpsters. Opatz Metals and Rolloffs currently has over 100 dumpsters ranging in sizes from 8 yards up to 40 yards. We supply dumpsters for scrap iron, shingles, and demolition, new and used construction.

Dumpster Sizes

Roll-off dumpster services are ideal for:



Junk removal and cleanup

Scrap removal and cleanup


Scrap metal for farms

Scrap metal for business

Roofing / shingles

Acceptable Garbage Materials

Appliances (last item in)
Batteries Carpet Rolls/pads
Caulking Tubes
Electronics/Computers/TV’s (last item in)
Fluids (oil, pain, chemicals)
Furniture with springs
Household garbage/clean out
Misc. garbage
Mattresses/Box springs
Paint cans (dried out)
Plastic wrap/Plastics
Railroad ties/Green treated lumber (last item in)
Tires (last item in)

We ask all last item in materials be placed on top of the dumpster because those items need to be sorted out from other materials. 

Acceptable Building Materials

Built in Cabinets
Ceiling Tile
Windows (not car windows)

Frequently asked questions:

Q:  How quickly can I get a rolloff dumpster delivered?
A:   Opatz Metals and Rolloffs guarantees next-day delivery. Same-day service is available on a as needed basis.

Q:  What is your rolloff dumpster service area?
A:   Rolloff dumpsters can be delivered anywhere in Central Minnesota.

Q:  How long can I have my rolloff dumpster?
A:   Two week maximum unless prearranged.
This is especially important during our busy times of year. (summer months)

Q:  Will my driveway or yard get damaged?
A:   Opatz Metals and Rolloffs Drivers are professional and highly experienced with dumpster drop-offs and extra steps are made to prevent any such damage. Our drivers are required to place boards on all rolloff dumpsters.  Note: Opatz Metals and Rolloffs is not held liable for any driveway or yard damage caused during the delivery or pick-up of roll-off dumpsters.

Q:  What all can I put in my rolloff dumpster?
A:   Please Refer to the Acceptable Materials list on this page for construction material dumpsters and trash/garbage dumpsters. Looking for specialty dumpsters or other general questions please give us a call at (320) 746-2819.

Q:  How full can I fill my dumpster?
A:   For the safety of our drivers and for motorists on the road dumpsters cannot be above full level marker.

Q:  What size dumpster should I get?
A:   At Opatz Metals and Rolloffs, we are committed to helping you to obtain the right size rolloff dumpster. To start, we recommend you review our Dumpster Sizes, which illustrates dumpster dimensions. Opatz Metals and Rolloffs only charge you for the amount of product in the dumpster no matter what size you get.  You can also  give us a call at (320) 746-2819 and we’ll be happy to help you through the process.

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